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Billionaire's Park - LIVE BIG!

All successful and influential people in the world have always owned properties at the most prime locations of the city. Owning a property at a prime location is one thing and living in one is another! Shubham Group presents its most iconic and ultra-luxury project, Billionaire's Park at the heart of the city - Main A.B. road, near Bijalpur Square. At one of the rarest locations in Indore, this project offers limited edition plots. The project is designed for utmost comfort and luxury providing complete indulgence into a fulfilled life by providing a balanced lifestyle with luxury and peaceful settings. Billionaire's Park allows you to LIVE BIG! The prestige of owning a villa on your land, that too at a prime location in Indore is vested in the hands of a very small number of people with very limited plots available. Build a legacy from the ground up and pass it on to the next generation with land being an ever-appreciating asset. There is no better gift you can give to your children and family. Now come and full fill your aspiration with Billionaire's Park.


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1, Shubham Greens, CAT Road, Rangwasa, Indore


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